Best Turkish meals you can find in Urgup, Cappadocia are in Chef Remzi Restaurant.

When you think of the best restaurant in Ürgüp Cappadocia, the first place that comes to mind is Chef Remzi Restaurant. The Cappadocia Pottery Kebab cooked by Chef Remzi Restaurant is one of the most memorable tastes of traditional Anatolian culture. Different presentations and specially prepared meals in Ürgüp with its special recipes of Cappadocia, chefs recipes in the wood fire oven and very meticulously prepared appetizers.

If you ask where to eat the best Turkish meals in Ürgüp, the address will of course be Chef Remzi Restaurant. The best restaurant of Ürgüp, which is famous for its traditional courses and appetizers. In addition to its extensive chef menu, genuine Cappadocian pottery kebab, fluffy bread cooked in a wood-fired stone oven, delicious appetizers, desserts carefully prepared by Chef Remzi's own hands, and of course, special courses are among the famous tastes of our place. Our restaurant, which has a valuable place among Cappadocia restaurants with its traditional recipes, roasted vegetables and successful presentation, invites you to eat best examples of traditional Turkish meals in Ürgüp Cappadocia.




If you are looking for where to eat the best Testi Kebab which is unique to the Cappadocia region, the right place is Chef Remzi Restaurant. Choose Chef Remzi Restaurant to taste and enjoy the Cappadocia testi kebab which is one of the most popular traditional dishes of the Cappadocia region! Because, in Chef Remzi Restaurant, the traditional recipe is prepared always in the same original method and it is ensured to always keep the same taste. All preparation is done with the skillfull hands of Chef Remzi. The flavor of Cappadocia pottery kebab is an irresistible taste! Then comes the presentation of the Testi Kebab. This time, the art of pottery, which is a 4000-year-old tradition in Cappadocia, comes into play. The main factor that gives flavor to this dish is that its cooked in a clay pot. Clay pot is sealed with a piece of bread dough so that the all the flavours of the recipe runs into eachother slowly while sitting in the woodfire stone oven. To be able to serve the dish the clay pot gets broken in front of your eyes and all that remains is to enjoy the testi kebab with pleasure.


When you come to Ürgüp, it is not possible to go without eating Nevşehir Tava, one of the local dishes of Nevşehir. Nevşehir Tava is a red earthenware casserole made with Kızılırmak's soil and cooked slowly in a wood fire in a stone oven. It is eaten with pleasure, accompanied by the pita we baked in our stone oven..

If you are in Cappadocia and looking for where to eat the best Nevşehir Tava, the best Nevşehir Tava is served at Chef Remzi Restaurant, which is the best kebab restaurant in Ürgüp. Come on and enjoy your meal..


Remzi Chef will bring your palate together with this imperial flavor by serving the tenderloin skewers seasoned with warm roasted eggplant puree and sundried tomatoes atop. This recipe certainly fits to the tastes of the sultans.


Tandoori kebab, known as "meat tandoori" or "lamb tandoori", which is among the most famous meat dishes of Cappadocia. It is only salted and sit in a real stone oven burning oak wood, in special pots, in its own fat, for a total of 6 hours. It is cooked near the fire and then rested in the oven, away from the fire. Tandoori meat becomes delicious and ready to eat as it rests. Meat is served on pita bread seasoned with its own fat. When asked where to eat the best Lamb Tandoori Kebab in Urgup, Cappadocia, of course, the address would be Chef Remzi, the best Turkish restaurant in Cappadocia in Urgup.


Pistachio lamb roll is one of the most special dishes of Chef Remzi Restaurant which is the address of the most delicious lamb dishes in Cappadocia. Minced lamb stuffed into lamb leg with pistachios, and cooked in wood fire in 4 hours. Served with Ottoman eggplants puree, it will definately cheer your palate as one of the masterpieces of Turkish cuisine.


When it comes to Mantı, at Chef Remzi Restaurant it is as delicious as what we ate from the hands of our grandmothers and great grandmothers. From the yoghurt on it, to the carefully prepared sauce, from the minced meat, to the quality of the dough, in short, if you want to eat real Mantı, Turkish ravioli, prepared in the original way, and if you are in Cappadocia, Urgup, you should definitely visit the best Turkish restaurant Chef Remzi, certainly the best restaurant where you can eat homemade mantı or Turkish ravioli in Cappadocia.


Do not leave Cappadocia without eating Urgup Kebab! Thincut sliced beef tenderloin steak pieces served with yoghurt and special tomato sauce on pita can be an excuse only itself to come to Cappadocia.


The legendary baklava is one of the most genuine flavors that Remzi Chef has brought to Turkish cuisine. It is wrapped in hand and rolled into thin baklava dough filled with dried figs and apricots and flavored with sourcherry syrup.


Pumpkin cheesecake, which will blow the minds of cheesecake lovers, is one of Remzi Chef's most successful flavors, combining traditional flavors with modern cuisine. Pumpkin puree and walnut croquettes, served with an eye-catching presentation this cheesecake offers a feast of taste..


Chef Remzi's katmer is filled with sourcherry puree and served crispy and crunchy. It is a dessert where you can experience the indescribable taste harmony of pistachio and sourcherry flavors with a wonderful presentation.